The Redmoon Mission


Redmoon Systems develops break-through navigation software to accelerate the US Space Program for Moon and Mars exploration

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The Redmoon Mission: To Save Money via Space Transportation

Transportation in space is difficult because of the fact that getting into orbit is expensive. Every ounce of fuel needed for navigation beyond Earth’s orbit has to be carried from upward from our home planet. For this reason, the Redmoon Mission is to invent new ways to reduce the cost of space navigation and thereby have a major impact of the feasibility of space exploration. The currency for this is called Delta-V and it comes in units of meters or kilometers per second, describing the velocity change resulting from firing a rocket engine in space. For example 11 KM per second of Delta-V are required to escape the Earth’s gravitational field. Most orbital maneuvers require a few km / sec of Delta-V. Getting to the Moon traditionally requires an expensive engine burn to leave Earth’s orbit and a separate burn to enter lunar orbit.

Improving Efficiency through Advanced Technology

Redmoon Systems has a new way to do this, using special techniques in orbital navigation / orbital mechanics. It is possible to improve the efficiency of transportation between the Earth and Moon by 35%.

Our software leverages the capabilities of technologies also being developed by NASA and private industry such as the General Purpose Mission Analysis Toolkit (NASA), and the Systems Toolkit (Analytical Graphics, INC).

The redmoon mission is to enable transportation between the GEO belts and the points known as Lagrange L1 and L2. (These points are regions of stability in the Earth-Sun-Moon gravitational field). We use advanced orbital mechanics to reduce the cost of getting between the Earth, Moon, and Mars.

View Preliminary Results

We are posting some preliminary results from some of our simulations and hoping to raise some awareness of the software’s capabilities. The software is similar in some respects to the AGI Systems Toolkit, which is widely used in Aerospace for Mission Design and Analysis. With our software, the Navigational component is the focal point. Our product is similar to AGI’s Astrogator plugin for their Systems Toolkit software.

A fun introductory presentation is below!

In this article we will find some interesting examples to simulate and describe them for educational purposes.

NASA’s General Purpose Mission Analysis Toolkit