X-ray telescope sees distant planet as it passes an alien sun

For the first time, x-ray frequencies have been used to study the passage of a giant exoplanet in front of its central star. The images taken tell us how x-rays are absorbed by the atmosphere of the planet, and how they interact with the planet’s moon. What kind of atmosphere would the planet need to support life as we know it?

Are accountants needed by the aerospace industry?

Accountants address a unique need by the people of the aerospace industry. A lot of us don’t have a problem making money, but we don’t understand how to save it. With excess credit card debt and entangled webs of bills, invoices, and financial obstacles we often need a friend who can give us a helping hand….

Is the aerospace industry becoming an open source community?

Lockheed Martin launched a new initiative to open its programs to the public as NASA calls for ideas and innovation from a broad set of communities and the general public. This game-changing strategy is a realization that creativity often occurs at home, in our individual communities, and among wider social networks. The idea is to tap the open source universe for new ideas on how to build a community on Mars and the moon. Some of the most interesting approaches suggest that every home will soon become a laboratory for the exploration of Mars, thanks to virtual reality gear and new software innovations. We currently have so much data on the Red Moon that folks at NASA and JPL have been able to simulate the martian environment with extraordinary levels of accuracy. What do you think would be needed to bring Mars “down to Earth?”