Welcome to Redmoon Systems, LLC.

Redmoon Systems specializes in innovation and research in aerospace consulting. Our clients consist of major aerospace firms as well as diverse corporate and privately funded interests. We leverage research and innovation across aerospace domains with experience to provide a unique blend of consulting services that meet the client’s needs in… Read more“Welcome to Redmoon Systems, LLC.”

AMOS Paper on Space Policy to be presented soon!

Space Policy affects nations and governments, all over the word. Our economies are shaped by our efforts to expand our consciousness among the stars, as new technologies and ideas are generated by our thirst for knowledge and exploration. Much of space exploration today takes place via robotic technologies, which are… Read more“AMOS Paper on Space Policy to be presented soon!”

Are accountants needed by the aerospace industry?

Accountants address a unique need by the people of the aerospace industry. A lot of us don’t have a problem making money, but we don’t understand how to save it. With excess credit card debt and entangled webs of bills, invoices, and financial obstacles we often need a friend who… Read more“Are accountants needed by the aerospace industry?”

Is the aerospace industry becoming an open source community?

Lockheed Martin launched a new initiative to open its programs to the public as NASA calls for ideas and innovation from a broad set of communities and the general public. This game-changing strategy is a realization that creativity often occurs at home, in our individual communities, and among wider social… Read more“Is the aerospace industry becoming an open source community?”